Jia Hsing Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1967, possessing the container manufacturing ability of plastic injection, aluminum punching, hot stamping, printing, and vacuum metallization. Besides, Jia Hsing integrates “component, filling, secondary package design, and logistics” in one; with only one order, our customers can be ready to distribute the finished products to markets. This is the full service that Jia Hsing can provide.

“Perfection” is our top goal since the company’s foundation. We constantly develop innovation, improve techniques, test new materials, and invest in new equipments. Our quality and service have won universal praise. With these advantages, our sales grow up steadily and our marketing spreads all over the world.

Jia Hsing keeps vitalizing and creativity by new knowledge, making customers feel unique and worthy. Regarding “everlasting development” as the company’s object, we continuously make efforts to improve, to control quality, and to provide the best service. We value customer satisfaction, pursue for growth, and will always hold glamorous and competitive.
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